“Creaks” scene 45: Goat glitch

This screenshot shows the player character on top of a glitched goat in Scene 45 of “Creaks.”

I have long loved playing games by Amanita Design with my kids, particularly “Machinarium.” They create such stellar worlds with interesting characters, without a single word of intelligible dialogue.

So it was like Christmas in January when I read on Twitter that Amanita had released a game called “Creaks” in 2020, and somehow I had missed the news.

I downloaded it and played through it with my son. It’s a wonderful game: eerie and detailed, with fun puzzles. I managed to solve all the puzzles myself except one.

The game has been out for quite a while, so I’m not going to review it, but I did want to share a glitch/bug that I came across while playing Scene 45.

In this scene, there are two goats and a dog. The first time I tried to solve it, I somehow invoked a bug which caused one goat to stop transforming into a chair when hit by a beam of light. This bug also made the puzzle unsolveable.

I restarted the game and came back to it later. For whatever reason, this puzzle vexed me for a while, and took me longer to solve than it should have. But I managed to cause this same glitch several times, so I realized it must be reproducible.

Today I revisited the scene and figured out how to reproduce the bug. If you’re interested, check out the video below. WARNING: the video contains spoilers and will describe how to solve the Scene 45 puzzle.

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