Introducing my new game, “Doubles”

Remember how I mentioned in a previous post that I was writing two new BBS doors? One was called “Jewel Mountain,” an experimental project I’m making for my daughter; the other was “Sports Stats,” which would let users see standings and scores for baseball and basketball.

Well, a third project came up and leapfrogged those two. I’m calling it “Doubles,” and if you have a Synchronet BBS, you can download and install it right now from my GitHub.

Doubles is an ANSI adaptation of the popular game “2048.” I won’t delve into 2048’s convoluted history, but suffice it to say that it is derived from a wonderful iOS game called “Threes.”

My family loves Threes. And one night my daughter Jadzia said, “You should make a BBS version of ‘Threes,’ Dad.”

I immediately liked the idea. It’s a tile game, and I figured it wouldn’t be terribly hard to port it to the BBS world.

As I began to research the project, I came across the games “1024” and “2048.” These games were inspired by Threes. And many people have written adaptations of these games in Javascript. That sealed the deal, since Synchronet uses Javascript. I knew I could adapt one of those versions.

As usually happens, I did run into a few wrinkles. You can read more about those in the readme.txt file included with Doubles.

The point is that the game is playable! And addictive! If you’re a Synchronet sysop, please check it out.

Have feedback or questions? Feel free to ask them here in the comments, or yell at me on Twitter.

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