Second collection: BBS-related podcasts

You’ve seen the BBS Documentary. You’ve read reminiscences about BBSing on blogs and tech websites. So how about something to listen to?

Today I’m introducing Break Into Chat’s second special collection: BBS-related podcasts

This collection is the result of my occasional hunt for sources that discuss BBS door games. It occurred to me that I should try tracking down podcasts about BBSing. And so the Googling began.

It turns out there is quite a lot to listen to! Many podcasters have discussed BBSing on their programs. Even more surprising, there have been two podcast series dedicated entirely to BBSing.

At the time I was searching, both of those podcast series were offline. (One of them has since been brought back online) That got me thinking: perhaps I could just collect all these podcasts into one place for posterity. And so here we are.

There may be other podcast episodes out there about BBSing that I haven’t yet found. If you want to suggest additional episodes, please contact me.

Anyway, if you’ve got a long commute or need to kill some time, get out your headphones and head over to the BBS-related podcasts collection!

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