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Me vs. the Super Bowl

Earlier this week Bobby Blackwolf recorded an interview with me that he’s going to include in his weekly gaming podcast this weekend.

We reminisced about BBSing and BBS door games and I talked about Break Into Chat.

The podcast will live-stream at 8 p.m. (EST) Sunday, which means I’ll be up against the Super Bowl.

I’m counting on you to make the right choice: listen to the podcast — with chicken wings, nachos, and cookies at hand.

… Or I guess you can also download it from bobbyblackwolf.com a couple days later.

The birth of “Break Into Chat”

In October 2012 I logged into Wikipedia and found three alerts waiting for me:

  • “Proposed deletion of Space Empire Elite”
  • “Proposed deletion of Space Dynasty”
  • “Proposed deletion of Solar Realms Elite”

Not good, I thought.

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