Try Kirschen’s games and software on the Internet Archive

Screenshot shows many items in the Kirschen software collection on the Internet Archive.

It’s been a little over a year since I began publishing the Kirschen software collection, and during that time I have also worked to upload Kirschen’s software to the Internet Archive and make it playable in the browser. The entire collection is tagged “kirschen-software” to make it easier to find.

The emulation works well for the Gesher games for the Apple II, and Kirschen’s artificial personalities “Murray” and “Mom” for the Atari ST. But there remain issues with Kirschen’s autonomous music software for the Commodore Amiga, and the IBM PC. The software is uploaded, at least, and I hope to work out the remaining kinks over time.

Besides the games, I’m also uploading related reference materials, as I come across them and can digitize them. For example, there’s a collection of manuals for different editions of The Music Creator tagged “kirschen-software-manuals.”

Anyway, with further ado, below I’ve included links to each game/program on the Internet Archive. Please check them out and share the word!

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1. Gesher’s Apple II games

All these games load and play well, with one caveat: the Internet Archive doesn’t support disk-swapping during emulation, so you can only play the first disk of “The Georgia Variations.”

2. Kirschen’s independent Apple II games and demos

All these games load and play well.

3. Kirschen’s Atari ST programs

All these programs load and play well.

4. Kirchen’s Commodore Amiga music software

As of February 2024, these items are not configured correctly, so the emulation doesn’t work.

5. Kirchen’s IBM PC music software

The Music Creator loads, and you can manipulate the interface. But there seems to be no audio output in the browser.

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