Talking BBSes on the Electric Dreams podcast

Earlier this year, a new BBS-related podcast debuted: Electric Dreams.

Host Mike Whalen emailed me to invite me onto the show, and of course I said yes. He interviewed me in March, and I understand he also interviewed other folks like Ken Gagne. The podcast series debuted later that month, and it sounded great!

Unfortunately, it only lasted a few episodes. New opportunities took away Mike’s free time, and that was that. Real life has a habit of getting in the way of BBS projects. I know that all too well in my own life.

My episode never saw the light of day. … Until now!

Mike graciously sent me the audio of our interview. I edited it, and the finished episode is now online for you to download and listen.

Side note:

When Mike sent me the audio, my original intent was to post the raw audio here on Break Into Chat. But after listening, I was dissatisfied with the way I sounded: too many pauses, not to mention uhs and likes and kind ofs.

I’m a journalist by trade and I don’t like superfluous words and phrases. The urge to try editing the audio was too much. I couldn’t resist. I wanted to see if I could improve it and tighten it up.

After a few days of work, I reduced the audio file down from 1 hour 10 minutes to just 50 minutes, without cutting anything of substance. I learned a lot about audio editing … and my own vocal ticks!

I hope you’ll enjoy the end result.

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