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Title screen from Buccaneer

Buccaneer is a multi-player strategy game for PC-compatible bulletin board systems. In Buccaneer, players outfit ships with guns and crew to explore a 13x13 grid, attacking each other and treasure ships along the way.

Like many other BBS door games, Buccaneer is asynchronous. Gameplay is turn-based, with a set amount of time available to play each day.

Alan Graff of Cross Connect Software released Buccaneer v1.00 in April 1990.[1] The final extant version, v2.10, was released in August 1991.[2] Graff developed the game specifically for use with Remote Access BBS, QuickBBS, and SuperBBS, though it will work with any software compatible with the DORINFO1.DEF or DOOR.SYS dropfile formats.


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