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Hearing from my software heroes

Using the terminal program "ANSITerm" within the "Hatari" Atari ST emulator to write a message on a BBS.

Using the terminal program “ANSITerm” within the “Hatari” Atari ST emulator to write a message on a BBS.

I spent much of my teenage life inside the confines of the Atari ST terminal program “ANSITerm” by Timothy Miller of Two World Software.

I have mentioned the program before on the blog, and I even described it briefly when I was a guest on the Bobby Blackwolf Show podcast. But I’ve never really given it its due.

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Space Dynasty memories

They say first impressions are everything. That seems to have been true for teenage me when I tried Hollie Satterfield’s BBS door game Space Dynasty — and wrote it off.

But first impressions are often wrong.

(Also, don’t miss the follow-up interview with Space Dynasty creator Hollie Satterfield)

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Amit Patel, creator of “Solar Realms Elite”


In 1990, Amit Patel created the BBS door game Solar Realms Elite. In his other life he has worked with programming languages, scientific equipment, data analysis, visualization, geological exploration, simulation of complex systems, economic modeling, maps, trend analysis, artificial intelligence, and web software. He’s now working on interactive reference materials for game developers.

SRE was one of my all-time favorite games. It was my great pleasure, then, to interview Patel about SRE. The interview was conducted by email Jan. 3-27, 2013.

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Solar Realms Elite memories

In his blog post reacting to Wikipedia’s deletion of its Space Empire Elite article, Benj Edwards asked folks to preserve BBS door game history by writing up articles about particular games.

That’s just what I plan to do on this blog. I’m going to remember my favorite games — and also talk with door game creators.

Today I kick things off with some personal reflections on Solar Realms Elite.

(Be sure to read the follow-up interview with SRE creator Amit Patel)

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