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Joel Bergen, creator of “Global War” and “Global Backgammon”

Joel Bergen learned to program using paper tape in high school, and he’s been fascinated by computers ever since. In 1989, Bergen began adapting popular tabletop games to create his BBS door games Global War and Global Backgammon — all while pursuing a career as a designer at Boeing.

I played Global War as a kid, and years later realized that in doing so I had also learned to play Risk. This interview was conducted by email Feb. 10 through Mar. 18, 2013.

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Global War memories

I was introduced to the board game Risk around 1999-2000 by good friends from my college newspaper, The Current. Most were excellent players, each with a favorite strategy and plan of attack.

Though I had never played the board game before, I discovered that I already knew, more or less, how to play. I had learned years earlier by playing a similar game for BBSes called Global War by Joel Bergen.

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