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A title screen from BBS Simulator

BBS Simulator is a multi-player strategy door game for bulletin board systems in which players become virtual sysops, running virtual bulletin boards.

BBS Simulator is a role-playing game, but instead of building up the stats of the player character, the player builds the stats of his bulletin board.

Players try attract callers by "working" on their BBS. They get a set number of "hours" (turns) per day with which they can answering emails and messages, add door games, advertise, defrag their hard drive, scan for viruses, or do other maintenance. As players gain subscribers, they will also earn money which they can spend on upgrades for the bulletin board's hardware and software.

BBS Simulator is multi-player. Players are ranked on a high score list based on the number of subscribers to their virtual bulletin boards. Beyond the high score list, though, the game does not allow any "combat" between sysops or bulletin boards.

BBS Simulator was created by Brian Schulteis. In 2000, maintenance of the game passed to Brian Zhou of Elysium Software.



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